Friday, August 6, 2010

Army List

To save space on my other post, I'm posting my army list here. Feel free to let me know what you think!

My forces:
Captain w/ power sword: 115 pts
Librarian in terminator armor, epistolary, w/ storm bolter: 180 pts

Honor Guard, armed with a Chapter Banner, infernus pistol, flamer, and power fist, w/ jump packs: 240 pts
Terminator Squad: 200 pts
Tactical Squad w/ flamer and missile launcher: 170 pts
Death Company w/ power sword, power fist, thunder hammer, infernus pistol, and jump packs: 260 pts
Razorback w/ twin linked lascannon and extra armor: 105 pts
Land Raider Crusader w/ extra armor: 265 pts
Land Speeder w/ multi-melta and typhoon missiles: 100 pts
TWO Dreadnoughts w/ multi-melta and blood fist (close combat arm): 105 pts each

This gives me a grand total of 1845 points, a playable tournament list.

My 1500 point list is almost exactly the same, just without one of the dreads and the land raider crusader. After playing two battles, one against BA with 1500 pts, the other against chaos with 1850 pts, I noticed something really important. My 1500 point army is horrible, but for a few reasons. I played Death Company with jump packs, and they raged after everything, and actually got in my way, which was irritating. But the biggest thing I noticed was that terminators are infinitely more effective when they aren't teleported into battle, or forced to march into the enemy onslaught.

Finally, I am considering replacing one of my dreds on the 1850 list with two assault bikes with multi-meltas for some highly mobile tank busting madness. The two of them would actually be 5 points cheaper than a dred! Any suggestions?

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